Sunday, 11 November 2012

Whiteface Recon Mission (Lake Placid Con't)

On our trip to Lake Placid (NY) we made a detour to the Wilmington area to check out Whiteface (which is a popular ski hill in New York State if you’ve been living under a rock - Lake Placid is Olympic central after all). We stopped off at Steinhoffs (a German lodge / Irish Pub) for lunch.

Of course we appreciated the Cat mug they provided my coffee in:

I ordered a tomato gruyere soup to start (I must’ve been hungry) and K ordered one as a main. Unfortunately the waitress informed us it’s from a box but at least it was decent (K was convinced there was fish in hers, I can’t be so sure).

I had Fish & Chips to reward myself for climbing Cascade & Porter that morning. I always appreciate fresh-cut fries and freshly battered fish.

Steinhoff’s was also a hotel but I can’t see myself staying here - no hot tub!

We also stopped off at the Olympic Bobsled run which you can actually experience for yourself for a small fee ($80 - okay, not so small). I snapped a few good pictures of the bobsledders - harder than it looks incidentally!

We opted out of doing the run - I think it would be better in summer when you actually get to go down on real ice and rather than on pavement (the bobsleds are outfitted with wheels). We did however do the tour of the facility which is pretty interesting given it’s only $10. The coolest part is that you get to walk the length of the run.

There’s also a small museum and an opportunity to pose as a gold medalist.

Who could resist?

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