Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hammin' it Up in Halifax

I recently was lucky enough to visit Halifax, Nova Scotia for the first time. We had amazing weather over Canadian Thanksgiving which made for some great photos opportunities.

I had fish & chips on the boardwalk - what a sunny day! The only downside to eating on the boardwalk is these little birds that were extremely bold. It’s not too often that I’m scared a bird is going to eat my food off my fork. 

Garrison Brewery is located near Pier 21 at one end of the boardwalk. We enjoyed a few bottles - a little too hoppy for my taste. 

I was pretty impressed with some of unique Halifaxian features. 

A solar-powered recycling compactor! 

A Nissan Leaf charging station near Pier 21. Can’t wait to see more of these!


Beautiful light on the boardwalk!

I found out what really sank the Titanic!

We went to the Economy Shoe Shop for dinner. The owner of the restaurant picked up this awesome sign at an antique shop and thought it was a great name for the restaurant. The owner is also a set designer so the interior is outfitted with preserved trees and more novelties than the brain can handle. This is definitely a place to check out in Halifax. The food was good too - sorry I didn’t take any pictures - I’m a bad food-blogger!

Another neat sign and restaurant facade - this setup seems better suited to summertime. 

The boys and I visited York Ridoubt Historic Site. It’s a free walk in the park with 100% more graffitied dilapidated historic buildings than your average park.

The bike rental hut on the boardwalk features tandem bikes which we had to try out for “research purposes”. Riding on the back was a little scary!

We spent an afternoon playing beach volleyball outside Dartmouth. What amazing weather! What a great weekend we all had in Halifax. It really surprised me how progressive and … bohemian it is. Definitely a great Canadian city to enjoy a week in! Next time I go I will take more pictures of the food! Promise!

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