Monday, 19 November 2012

30 Days of Gluten-Free - Sunday Day 9

Day 9 - Today was a lot of novelty: Mexican breakfast, Elk burgers (first time at The Works Peterborough - which was extra interesting because it’s located in the old Trasheteria night club), and a salad I’ve never tried at Hot Bellys.


Fried Egg on a corn tortilla with avocado - Kfran and I got the corn tortillas in New York state- the other brand was sold out so we got Chi Chi. They taste a lot better when fried. 


The Works -  A locally sourced Elk burger with a gluten free bun - The gluten-free bun was awesome as gluten-free buns go. I could hardly tell the difference (but yes I could tell). I had a burger with brie and pear - a great combo. The elk was not very gamey and very flavourful.


Hot Belly Mamas (Peterborough) - Havana Salad with blackened chicken. (yum!) The pesto dressing is scrumptiously garlicky!

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