Sunday, 18 November 2012

30 Days of Gluten-Free - Friday Day 7

Day 7 -  Eating out can be tricky - luckily Thai is a good bet since most of the dishes come with rice or rice noodles. Thai is even okay for our paleo-diet friends too (without the rice of course). If you have extreme intolerance to gluten you still have to ask a lot of questions that the servers might not know the answers to… as we found out. 


Homemade Americano




Curried Lentil Poutine 


Cashew Chicken from Thai House Cuisine (a new addition to the Southeast Asian restaurant scene in Kingston). Review coming soon, promise.

Bankok Sunrise (that mango juice was legit!).


Power Balls

Lentil Chips - from the Bulk Barn - Thanks K-fran!

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