Monday, 12 November 2012

30 Days of Gluten-Free - Day 2

It’s day 2 of gluten-free eating and I don’t feel deprived of anything yet. I’ve given up my English Muffin that I usually have with my egg in the morning but otherwise I haven’t been missing out on much. It certainly helps that so many of my friends are gluten-free to start out with. 


- Fried Egg, Almond Milk (coffee)


Curried Lentil Poutine (Leftovers)


- Spinach salad with Balsamic Vinagrette (homemade) and Chicken made via this method - it wasn’t the best chicken I’ve ever made (that would be Chicken Marbella) but it was fast and easy.

Snacks (lots since I went hiking)

Power Balls (3 are the nutritional equivalency of a Clif Bar)

- White Wine (after the hike, I wasn’t boozing on the trails I swear)

- Fibre One Bar - Gluten-free experts: am I cheating with that one? I didn’t see any outright wheat in it but in a true gluten-free diet I would not be eating anything with oats due to cross-contamination.

- Gatorade 

- Balkan Yogurt

- Popcorn

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