Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Restaurant Review: Savory's Kingston, ON

Every Brazilian I have met raves about feijoada, Brazilian BBQ and their food in general. Therefore I had to try out Kingston’s only Brazilian restaurant (semantics question: is it really a restaurant if it’s take-out only?).

Feijoada (pronounced something like Fay-jo-ada if I’m getting that right) is a mixture of beans, sausage and other meats. It’s quite a hearty and flavourful dish - albeit un-photogenic - we definitely could’ve split this between us…

…But we also wanted to try the cassava (yuca) and beef. Cassava is a tuber that originates from Brazil and is a common staple in poorer countries (as recently featured on No Reservations). It’s also the base for tapioca - there’s your trivia for the day! The beef was tender and generally pretty good - again it was a lot of food.

Luckily we stumbled upon this lakeside park near the restaurant (take-out spot?) - the perfect site for our spring picnic.

One thing I’ve learned about Brazilians is they are ridiculously nice. I feel like the Canadian stereotype was a little misplaced. The owner of the restaurant kept up this impression and even gave us some muffins on the house just because they were an experiment!

Update: Savory's is now closed unfortunately

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