Monday, 14 May 2012

Restaurant Review: Charlotte Anne's, Peterborough ON

Our first patio breakfast of the season - since it was technically a weekday though (Easter Friday) they weren’t serving breakfast. After the waitress asking us to move tables a few times (in case a larger group wanted to sit on the patio) we finally settled down to order. When the food came we were all a little disappointed. My sandwich came on a bagel. The salads were composed of iceberg lettuce topped with an old-school melange of vegetables - I think my grandma might like it? I do have to give them credit on the fries though; they are good every time. 

Feeling a little more healthy Ro ordered a salad with chicken. Again the iceberg lettuce leaves something to be desired. The kicker, though, was that the chicken was still a bit frozen on the inside. I would call that a kitchen-foul.


Next we have the famous Charlotte Anne’s caesar salad with the Friday special - the chicken parm sandwich. The chicken parm wasn’t what I would think of as a chicken parm - they had chopped the chicken and mixed it in the marinara sauce. Okay, they put their own spin on it! Great for them. The Dempster’s whole wheat bread though has got to go. Step it up a notch - if we’re going with the theme of underwhelming at least spring for the Dempster’s Ancient Grains variety or even the Honey Wheat! (Can you tell I wish we had gone to The Planet - they make all their bread in-house).  

Since the waitress raved so much about the chicken parm with the ranch / garlic whatever dipping sauce Casey went for that as well. 

To top off our sub-par experience it took quite a while for the waitress to process our payment (is there a better invitation to dine and dash?). She took off every time she processed a new card. Needless to say she reprimanded us when we tried to speed the process along by pressing the buttons intended for the “merchant”. Even if she was swamped with customers I say just stick around for a few seconds so your unhappy customers can get out of your restaurant sooner - what if someone new wants to sit on the patio!

Sorry Charlotte, we won’t be returning.

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