Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Works Kingston

The Works

The Works is a small burger chain originating in Ottawa, Ontario. A new location just opened in Kingston so we decided to give it a try. I have a sneaking suspicion The Works steals their marketing plan from nightclubs because although there were an abundance of tables available they asked us to wait so they could check if “anything was available” - hmm now I know why there’s always a lineup at The Works (and Stages!). Our waiter was extremely energetic. He gave us a tour of the overwhelming menu and suggested all his favourite upgrades. You can upgrade pretty much anything on the menu - taking a business strategy from Starbucks? Being inspired by our waiter we ordered the Tower of Onion Ring - it comes with two gourmet dips of your choice. We got tzatziki and curry mayo. 

I ordered Tony’s Nirvana and Frank got the BOB (I think).

Tony’s Nirvana lived up to it’s name. You can’t really go wrong with avocado.

Of course we both upgraded our sides thanks to our enthused waiter - I got caesar salad and Frank had poutine - we were planning on each trying each others sides but after the onion rings, burgers, and milkshake we were a little full and had to take them home. I have to say - being a fry connoisseur - these were not the most amazing fries ever. Next time I would just go for the house salad.

They serve all their drinks in Fire Kings. Something I can definitely appreciate - and Frank drinks out of them regularly so he was right at home.

The Works is a neat experience and their food is good. I’m just a little bothered by the need to make us wait for tables that are clearly available and, to top it off, offering upgrades to just about everything. Did I mention you can even upgrade your burger patty? Next time I will probably just go to Harper’s.

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