Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Restaurant Review: Merge, Buffalo

Or Who Said Buffalo Was Boring?

Located steps from our hotel on Delaware Ave. we stopped in at Merge to please the vegetarians in our travelling troupe. 

The ambience was upscale-hippy. Our thoughts: We have found our hippy paradise.

Frenchie and I ordered half-pints - our waitress suggested a wit mixed with a framboise. Tasty. 

Frenchie ordered the club with turkey bacon and sweet potato fries - they used pure honey as the dip. Apparently it was quite good.

I had a vegetarian option - smothered sweet potato fries with curried lentils and topped with spinach and cheddar. We thought this must be the healthiest version of poutine created. Plus it was so tasty. I have high hopes of designing my own version of this dish.

Mrs. Vegetarian herself had a falafel. Not the most authentically middle eastern tasting falafel - missing the intense garlic sauce maybe? But a good take on a falafel nonetheless. It was stuffed with fresh greens and a homemade sweet sauce. 

When we received our bill we couldn’t believe that it rang in at around $30 for 3 people (granted we are used to Ontario pricing we tends to be about 20% more at restaurants) especially given the up-scale ambience. Our Thoughts: Why isn’t this restaurant in Kingston!

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