Sunday, 13 November 2011

Restaurant Review: Aquaterra

Aquaterra is located in the Kingston Radisson - just stroll into the parking garage to find the entrance. Even though it suffers from an unfortunate front entrance the food is the best in Kingston, the service is always amazing and the prices are on the pricey side but extremely reasonable for “casual fine dining”. 

Upon my inquiry they were able to produce gluten-free bread instead of their usual pan chancho bread.

I ordered a curry chicken wrap. It came with freshly cut fries (NB: I am a bit of a fry expert  - fresh-cut fries are very important to my restaurant experience).

My mom ordered the very photogenic teriyaki pork. I sampled some of the pork and it had an awesome barbecue flavour. 

My dad ordered the scallops which I didn’t sample since I’m not a fan of scallops but he reported they were good.

And creme brulĂ©e for dessert. I couldn’t ask for something more photogenic. 

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