Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Restaurant Review: Harper's Burgers

Harper’s is located on Princess Street in downtown Kingston. I like the whole menu design. Nice typeface! Apologizes for the sub-par pictures as I forgot my SLR - these are all phone shots. I will use getting better pictures as an excuse to go back here and try more burgers!

There is a mix-and-match thing going on so you choose a burger patty, a bun, a side and then toppings. Overwhelming at first but a pretty cool idea. Here is the spicy chicken burger with coleslaw. If memory serves me it was the deluxe toppings.

Here is the La La Land - goat cheese, roasted red pepper, avocado and truffle mayo. It was pretty spectacular. Even the bun was top notch. The side salad was really tasty too - and it’s not too often a house salad impresses me. 

Harper’s also serves milkshakes and floats that you can add alcohol too! They’re also the only restaurant in Kingston I’ve seen that carries Mort Subite Framboise. Mad props.

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