Thursday, 13 October 2011

Restaurant Review: Atomica Pizza

Atomica is located on Brock Street in Kingston, Ontario near the Market Square. It’s specialty is Italian - especially pizza. Unlike Woodenheads it doesn’t have chronic lineup issues (I’m sure Woodenheads wouldn’t agree it’s an issue per se). 

They made a lovely frothy cappuccino - not as strong as I would’ve made it at home but I usually go for the super-strong blend. 

I had the Retro Pizza with chicken, red pepper and goat cheese with a pesto base. It was pretty good but not as good as this:

My mom had a the Atunno pizza (no Tuna!?). If I recall it had artichoke, goat cheese and zucchini. This is definitely something I plan to reverse-engineer at home. In the past I’ve also had the White Pear Sangria at Atomica which was pretty awesome so if you’re looking for something refreshing be sure to order some of their concoctions. They also make gluten-free pizza crust available on demand which is pretty cool. 

It looks like the people behind Atomica are also behind Harper’s and Le Chien Noir so maybe I’ll have to review those next! (Foreshadowing!)

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