Monday, 3 October 2011

Easy Stuff: Quesadilla con Pollo

Quesadillas have always been a favourite of mine. It wasn’t until my Latino friend told me how easy they were that I started making them at home. The secret is…

… to toast the tortilla on both sides in a frying pan before adding the cheese. Once the tortilla starts to bubble you can flip it. It should look like this:

Then you add the cheese all over and the other ingredients only on one side. I used the leftover chicken from my Carbonara recipe.

Make sure you have the heat very low or else this will happen:

This is where the whole patience thing evades me. Through the magic of the internet we will fast-forward to attempt number 2!

I topped it with the leftover Carbonara sauce. Very yummy - although adding that much fat to anything will make it good!

Quesadilla con Pollo

  • 1 Tortilla

  • 1/2 Cup Shredded Strong Cheddar Cheese

  • Half a Chicken Breast Sliced

  • Canadian Mustard Carbonara Sauce
  1. In a pan fry a tortilla on low heat on each side for about a minute or until it starts to bubble.

  2. Sprinkle cheese over entire surface and add chicken to one side and heat for a few minutes or until the cheese has melted.

  3. Sandwich the quesadilla together and Remove from heat.

  4. Top with Carbonara Sauce and enjoy.

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