Friday, 30 September 2011

Entertaining with Rochelle

Rochelle makes some mean drinks. Her latest concoction was thought up on a warm August evening in anticipation of some live outdoor music. Her invention: Honey White Sangria. We added lemon, strawberries and blueberries plus the secret ingredient: Barenjager! 

This stuff tastes like liquid gold. I haven’t noticed it in the liquor store before now but it is an extremely sweet honey-based liquor. It’s very sweet so its a good addition to cocktails or sangrias. After we enjoyed our summer specials we walked over to the Peterborough Folk Fest. It’s a free outdoor music festival that happens every year at the end of August in Peterborough, Ontario. This year was not as well attended as I would’ve hoped but it was good to hear some live music. Sheesham and Lotus are pictured above as the MCs and provided inter-show entertainment. 

There was a beautiful sunset going on that night.

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