Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Rain in Spain Falls Mostly in Granada

We were told: The Alhambra is amazing, it will change your life and make all your dreams come true. Maybe it was because we had high expectations, maybe it was because we got up at 4am to get tickets or maybe it was because we walked there and it was rainy and actually warmer that day back in Ontario than in Spain, but the Alhambra kinda let us down. Ya, I’ll say it: we did not like the Alhambra. To top it off my camera got left on the night before so I arrived with a fully drained battery. Jaclyn’s camera card was full so we got very few pictures of our rainy day at the Alhambra. Even this cat is hiding from the rain:

The rest of our Granada time continued to be cold and rainy. The rain let up for a bit to allow us to walk around the Festival of the Crosses. Weird stuff mann, weird.

On the other hand Granada is pretty awesome because of their free tapas tradition. Yes siree this means very very cheap meals when you buy a drink (order a caƱa, pronounced canya, if you want to fit in). Also they are very particular about if you’re just snacking or actually having a meal - so let them know if your there “para tapear” (for drinking and snacking) or “para cenar” (for having a more formal plated meal).

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