Thursday, 18 August 2011

Switzerland: 007

Switzerland is not the cheapest backpacking destination. The food is outlandishly expensive. The trains are not all included on the Eurrail pass either. The hostel we stayed at - The Mountain Hostel in Gimmelwald was reasonably priced and featured cheap(er) lattes. On our first day there we went for a stroll up to the resort town nearby - Mürren.

From Gimmelwald or Mürren you can take a cable car up to the Schilthorn lookout where they filmed 007: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. It ain’t cheap - around $100 - and we considered the alternative of hiking up but by this time our feet were absolutely wrecked from walking around Berrrlin that the hike from Gimmelwald to Murren was enough.

Here’s the view from Schilthorn:

The other alternative is paragliding or skiing down - which many people were doing. I have never wanted to have a pair of skis more in my life.

After our stay at the Mountain Hostel we hiked down the mountain to Lauterbrunnen. It was a little longer than we were told - it turned out to be around 2 hours. But it was a lovely walk and we proved we had packed light enough that we could hike with all our gear!

Switzerland was great but I don’t think I can come back until I have a full wallet or a full kitchen.

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