Sunday, 14 August 2011

Restaurant Review: Chez Piggy

After a hard afternoon of lounging at the Kingston Waterfront we decided to go to Chez Piggy. Kingston’s favourite upscale restaurant. (okay Aqua Terra still has #1 in my mind but Chez Piggy is pretty darn good too). Upon request they brought us some olive oil and balsamic for our Pan Chancho bread. It looks neat:

I’m a fan of anything in a cast iron pan:

Actually I’m not a shrimp person myself but I couldn’t turn down a rhyme. I had a hearty burger with bacon (everything’s better with bacon, am I right?) and gouda. The bun (I’m sure freshly baked) topped it off. I’m also a fan of fresh coleslaw. I think coleslaw has a bad rap because of that KFC lime green stuff they try to make people eat. I think Dutch (if coleslaw is in fact Dutch like Wikipedia suggests) people everywhere should boycott KFC.

Rochelle had a steak sandwich. Rochelle reported that the steak was perfectly rare.

Again the bread was obviously freshly baked. Chez Piggy uses all freshly baked bread from Pan Chancho. The patio is also lovely - it’s in a courtyard surrounded by limestone buildings and chestnut trees. Chez Piggy is definitely in the running to to takeover Aqua Terra as Kingston’s-best-casual-fine-dining-restaurant-in-my-mind. (No patio Aqua Terra!?). What a lovely treat.

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