Saturday, 20 August 2011

Biking in Barcelona

Our favourite things in Barcelona: biking around the city with resident Aussie-hippy Buddah and La Sagrada Familia.

Here we are in front of the “Gaudi” Fountain legitimizing our blog name:

Buddah’s tour is called Fat Tire Bike Tours. Very decent value for money since you see a huge area of Barca and Buddah is something of a history nerd. The other thing about tour guides is they are invariably up for drinking after the tour - which can be a great way to meet people if your hostel is a little unfriendly - like Barcelona Sound (yes this was the hostel we stayed in). On the tour we also went past La Sagrada Familia:

Our top tip of Barcelona is BUY THE AUDIOTOUR (thank you Nick!). The Audiotour is KEY for enjoying La Sagrada Familia. Our runner-up tip is BUY TICKETS ONLINE. Seriously, no one knows about this but you can skip the whole big crazy line by buying tickets online and then going through the VIP gate. We felt like we were cheating.

Also give yourselves more than two days in Barca for goodness sake. We didn’t have time to go inside Casa Mila or Casa Batll√≥ OR the Parque Guell! Gaudi is a genius. That is all.

Too bad we were so freaked about getting pick-pocketed that we couldnt relax and enjoy ourselves! Just don’t keep your wallet in your backpocket please. And don’t put your purse on the ground or behind you. Otherwise Barcelona is quite a safe city - we felt very comfortable walking home from the bar that our Aussie tour guides took us to.

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