Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Guest Post: Miso Ramen Soup

Despite being a jobless, lifeless, boyfriend-less cripple, I managed to assert myself into a guest post on morethenjustwaffles! Really, I’ve just spent way too much time inside and I’ve seen way to many back to back episodes of No Reservations this week to not be food-obsessed.  Regardless, after waking up Sunday morning feeling like I had caught some sorta hybrid plague-like death virus… it was time for some serious soup, and chicken noodle was not going to cut it.

Thankfully, Anthony Bourdain came to my rescue with some inspiration from the Far East and I was hooked into making my own version of Hokkaido Miso Ramen Soup.  I used the basic idea found in this recipe on Steamy Kitchen mainly because I had most of the ingredients and smiling Asian women always make me feel reassured.

I tweaked the Recipe slightly of course, so here are my modifications:
First of all, I used chicken broth instead of vegetable or pork broth (just in case there is something magical about chicken broth that helps colds..) Secondly, I completely skipped out on the bamboo shoots and Dashi (fish granules??) since I absolutely can’t stand the taste of bamboo shoots and I was too lazy to walk to the asian store to find Dashi.  Thirdly, I added more vegetables, as I feel like I definitely need those kinds of vitamins.  I would suggest adding green cabbage, snow peas, green beens, grated carrot and onions.. or whatever other soup vegetables you like.

To prepare the soup I chopped up said vegetables and boiled a few eggs to use as toppings later on. For the soup broth I began by browning a handful of chopped onions as well as a few cloves of garlic and freshly grated ginger (take that plague!).  I started adding some of the other vegetables and stir-fried the mixture a bit before adding the soup broth and miso paste.  I of course then prepared my ramen noodles (random packages of Mr. Noodle…) in a separate pot before mixing the whole mess together.

Needless to say, it was great.. and I think it cured my cold.. just saying.

Thanks for having me!


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