Sunday, 10 April 2011

Restaurant Review: Saigon Delights

When my parents came to visit I was lucky enough to also get treated to dinner! I’ve walked past Saigon Delights a few times and always been struck by how much it looks like a student-house-turned-restaurant (in fact there are a slew of students living upstairs!). Strange… The interior, however, is quite moderne - even stark. I was excited to eat here though since I had just watched the raving No Reservations episode on Vietnam.

In the ABNR epsiode Tony raves about the Vietnamese crepes so when I saw them on the menu I, of course, had to try them. The crepes ($7.50) are made from rice flour, coconut milk and yellow curry - making them thicker than a French crepe and almost omlette-like. They were not very flavourful but not bad either! The huge serving I got was about double I can eat in one sitting! (I took the second crepe home of course).

Amazingly enough my (celiac) dad could order anything on the menu! He decided on a yellow chicken and shrimp curry ($8.95). This was mildly spicy and stocked with some colourful veggies.

My mom went with something a little spicier in a green curry with bok choy ($7.95). I tried a bite and it was so spicy I don’t think I could eat more than a quarter of it before giving up!

Good service, tasty food, and generous serving sizes makes Saigon Delights an easy recommendation.

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