Saturday, 9 April 2011

Restaurant Review: Olivea

My parents came to town and treated me to a fancy lunch at Olivea. I had never been there before but knew it had mixed reviews. When we sat down the waitress informed us that they had recently installed a water carbonater and would be serving free sparkling water for the next week - after that it would be $1 per glass. It came in quite a pretty decanter but personally I can’t see spending $1 on water…

As an appetizer we order the chickpea dumplings (I actually forget exactly what they were called, oops). They were excellent, especially served with the salt and fresh lemon!

For our main course I ordered the penne arrabiata ($15). The arrabiata sauce was quite good - especially if you like garlic and a slight kick! I think it was a little pricey for essentially pasta and tomato sauce - some protein would be a good addition. As you can see the portion was quite small too - a theme with most upscale Kingston restaurants!

My dad, being celiac, ordered the salad with chicken and figs ($16). Quite an interesting combination - the ingredients seemed pretty legit too - think chicken pulled off a real chicken roast.

My mom, being a lover of all things Mediterranean, ordered the special pasta with artichokes, capers, and olives.

That looks like a more impressive serving size! Plus she got a side salad!

They served our pastas with this interesting cheese-with-built-in-grater (you just spin the bottom to grate the cheese. I get that it’s convenient and maybe cool perhaps but what’s next? Are they going to top their sandwiches with Kraft singles?

The cheese aside the food was excellent quality made from quality fresh ingredients.  I probably wouldn’t order the penne arrabiata again, though, simply due to the poor value for money. I would definitely go back to Olivea but my award for best Kingston restaurant still goes to Aquaterra!

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