Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Gear Review: Ultimate Travel Pants

I’ve been thinking of getting a pair of quick-dry pants for travel and field work for the past year (yes I do a lot of searching before I settle on something!). I envisioned a pair of pants that would look professional enough that coworkers wouldn’t think I was a slob in the field, comfortable enough to hike and sit on a plane for hours in and finally quick drying so that I can quickly wash them out in the hostel or base camp. (Bonus points for a pair of pants I can golf in!). After much searching I finally found the perfect pair of pants made by LolĂ«!

I recently wore them on a 4 hour hike and they fared very well; they didn’t make me too sweaty or sticky (because they’re made primarily of nylon - not polyester). A lot of the pants I tried on in different stores made a crinkly plastic bag sound when I moved around! Not these though, they just seem like cotton dress pants to the observer! I could even wear them to the office. Now that is a solid purchase. Another feature, which I didn’t even notice in the store, is the little security pocket built into the waist band. It’s only big enough for a few rolled up bills - stuff a few $50s in there and you have a substantial wad of backup money in case you get robbed. Although the security pocket did itch a little on my test-hike it seems like it will be a valuable feature.

My second pair of pants will be Lululemon Astros.

Of course when sporting this pricey pair you’ll invariable be asked “why spend $100 on a pair of SWEATPANTS?”. Well when you wear a pair of sweatpants that sneak by the office dress code while looking hawt, you’ll understand. Lulu also offers free hemming and touch-ups (they recently fixed a little hole for me for free!). Bonus points for drying quickly as these pants are made of “Luon” (which is a poly-nylon blend from what I can guess).

On the maybe list:

Lulu Groove-Crop Capris

I can’t decide if I should take a second pair of Lulus. Lulu overkill?! My problem is the weather on our upcoming trip is ranging from 2C to 25C weather so I will likely want to forgo full-length pants once we reach Spain. The extra space in my bag will decide if these get to come along.

Patagonia Nine Trails Shorts

These take up so little space that they will probably earn a place in my 30L bag. They’ll be perfect for a blistering hot day in Spain or PJs on a particularly hot night. They get bonus points for drying in lightening speed and having zippered pockets - no crinkly sound for these either!

There you have it! My extensive research on pants boiled down into one page. Is that nerdy enough for you?

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