Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bavaria Beer Tour

On a recent day in Munich Jaclyn and I went on a Bavarian Beer Tour. We stopped at three restaurants in Munich.

We stopped at the Paulaner microbrewery-restaurant and got a tour of the brewery and got to try their three beers. Paulaner is one of my favourite beers - especially the unfiltered white beer - and these beers were quite good. The only beer they sell at the restaurant is made in-house so each brew is a little different. Our tour guide (an American Ex-pat from Maine) happened to be an apprentice brewer so he was very knowledgeable - and passionate - about hops. Apparently the reason that German beer is so good is the purity law which states beer can only have three ingredients - water, hops and wheat. The best hop-growing land is also very close to Munich - this coupled with the Chestnut trees (cooling the ground) make Munich the perfect storm for beer production!

The copper large beer stills are quite photogenic!

The tour ended at Hofbrauhaus - a huge Bavarian beer hall with tonnes of history, an oompah band and of course beer. They sell the beer in 1L steins - the only way they’ll sell you a pint is if you get a white beer. This place was bustling when we got there and we shared a table with a Portuguese couple and a German guy - these are the times when I hate not being able to speak German!

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