Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Planet Bakery - Out of this World

I visited my hometown of Peterborough, Ontario and my family stopped in at our favourite lunch/breakfast place - The Planet Bakery (sorry I couldn’t resist the cliché in the title!). It’s the only place my dad feels comfortable eating since he can’t eat eggs or wheat. Good thing I love it!

Their menu has been the same for years as well as their Mexican 50s kitchen theme - all the tables are a yard-sale collection of these art-deco tables which I love. It’s also located in a historic building so there are nice surprises like an old vault door behind the counter.

They serve Black River juice there - if you’ve never had it, it’s incredibly thick - I usually split it with water. Marissa is enjoying it!

For lunch I almost always get the brie cranberry sandwich on cheddar potato bread - there couldn’t be a better combination - better yet they bake all their bread in-house.

My dad always gets the chili (out of necessity mostly) - I think they added jalapeños to make it more Mexican.

My mom always gets “The Mexican” aka. a Mexican-themed omlette with that awesome potato cheddar bread on the side. Check out that fresh salsa on top!

Marissa & my sis got french toast. Marissa’s was stuffed with brie - they have a serious obsession with the stuff here! I’m not complaining.

They also make the best cookies:

I once knew someone who went here every day for lunch - loyalty like that is the best review.

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