Saturday, 19 February 2011

Sushi Spectacular

My ex-roomies hosted a sushi making party (a make-your-own-sushi-night much to Frank’s chagrin). The major challenge was finding appropriate raw fish in a mostly-white city (Kingston is blindingly white compared to Toronto - although there are two asian grocery stores!). Eventually they found some frozen sushi-grade salmon at one of the asian grocers - the trick is thawing it right before you make the sushi so there’s no time for bacteria to form - it worked; no one got sick!

Large quantities of sushi rice didn’t work so well in the rice cooker (it didn’t cook all the way through!) so we had to add some water and cook it the rest of the way on the stove. Instead of a sushi mat we just used a piece of wax paper which worked rather well. Just spread the rice on the nori (or the wax paper for reverse-rice sushi) - add the fixins. We used cucumber, avocado and green onion.

Then roll tightly!

Then cut ‘er up (don’t worry if the first one crumbles!).

What’s your favourite kind of sushi? Any sushi tips?

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