Sunday, 12 December 2010

Spooky Luau: Part I

Yes, we’ve been absent for a long while. I blame living in a un-guestable apartment for the past three months. Not really being able to entertain resulted in us being rather uninterested in writing about entertaining. In August we hosted a Spooky Luau. I forget why we made it spooky but it was a Luau because we wanted to decorate our backyard with tiki torches and make our kebabs again. The torches also made for a great photo shoot.

As you can see our backyard was in somewhat of a jungle state however we spruced it up with some Christmas lights and of course the tiki torches which we found at Canadian Tire for $10 each (plus the cost of tiki-torch-citronella-oil). The kebabs were a great hit as usual. We practiced cooking-in-party-dresses with success!

Some activities included piƱata smashing, fireworks, sparklers, Up Jenkins, and late night cupcakes (the cupcakes deserve a post of their own).

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