Sunday, 1 August 2010

Douglicious Sushi

We attempted sushi using some of Doug’s tips and this recipe: - ginger and avocado are good for you, so we’re assuming this is too.

Doug’s Tips:

- Don’t cheap out on the ingredients, make sure they are real Japanese products.

- Rice Vinegar is important.

- If the Nori goes stale and mushy heat it over an element to crisp it up.

- Make sure the rice is warm (not hot) when you roll the sushi.

- Put plastic wrap on your bamboo mat so the rice doesn’t stick.

- Put mayo on the Nori to make everything stick together nicely.

- Use brand name Kikkoman soy sauce - it’s just better.

- You can roll the rice on the outside or inside!

Important rules to know (and possibly choose to break) before enjoying said sushi:

sushi etiquette


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