Monday, 23 June 2014

Kingston First Food Truck Festival

I recently wrote a review of Kingston's first Food Truck Festival for the Kingston Lobby!

Two Nuts Food Truck from Kingston Ontario
Two Nuts in a Food Truck is a new addition to Kingston. They're located across from the MOH on Wellington. Incidentally it's the closest truck to my office so I'll be frequenting it often.

Two Nuts mango fish taco - very tasty mango and a huge serving size!

Crosswind Pale Ale 

Daniel Makinnon serving the crowds. 
The Mackinnon brothers started up their brewery on their family farm in Bath Ontario. Bath is just outside of Kingston. The beer has a crisp caramel flavour which reminds me of Innis and Gunn. Mackinnon is my new favourite beer - I was seriously impressed. Mackinnon is now being featured at the Red House, The Brooklyn and Dianne's Fishbar.

Whitewater Brewery from Ottawa 
Whitewater Brewery was started by a couple whitewater paddlers so, of course, I instantly liked them. They brought an intense espresso IPA which tasted great. I can't drink much more than a sip of a hoppy IPA without getting a headache though so I opted for the blonde which was nice and refreshing.

Soaking up the sun at the Food and Beer Fest in Kingston Ontario.

Soaking up the sun at the Food and Beer Fest in Kingston Ontario.
The view from the South lawn at Fort Henry was fantastic!

Heading home.

Spoiler Alert: I'm going to be writing more articles on Fort Henry in the next few weeks!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

My Latest Article: Kingston Derby Girls

My tourism writing/photography career continues as a tourism writer. My latest article is on the Kingston Derby Girls at Kingston Lobby.

Kingston Derby Girls' Boney L'Ass gets ready for practice
Boney L'Ass gets ready for practice at the Memorial Centre in Kingston.

The Derby Girls have five home games this year that are catered by Mission Street North food truck and have a beer garden provided by the Mansion.

Luckily my blogging platform supports animated gifs - I finally have an outlet to display them!

2014 Home Games

All Kingston Derby Girls home bouts take place at the Memorial Centre in Kingston (303 York Street). Kids 10 and under always get in free.
May 10: Season opener. Skateful Dead vs. Rogue Warriors and Disloyalists vs. Les Duchesses (Quebec, QC)
June 21: Skateful Dead vs. Lindsay Roller Derby (Lindsay, ON) and Disloyalists vs. Durham Derby Devils (Durham, ON)
July 19: Rogue Warriors vs. Port City Sirens (Oswego, NY) and Disloyalists vs. Breakwall Bombshells (Oswego, NY)
Aug. 16: Black and White scrimmage, players TBD
Sept. 6: Season closer – Back to Cruel 5. Skateful Dead vs. Rogue Warriors and Disloyalists vs. Forest City Derby Girls (London, ON)

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Battledish Kingston 2014

Battledish 2014

The Winter Marinated Sirloin at Windmills for Battledish 2014 - winner of 3 categories and international winner!
Having never been to a dishcrawl event or a culinary competition I was not really expecting to eat so well! At Battledish each participating restaurant prepared a dish to be judged - not by an elite panel of judges but by the public. In the allotted time the taste-testers make their way to each location at their leisure and taste each of the signature dishes and drinks. At the end of the allotted time everyone submits a vote and the winners progress to the International Battledish.

Jack Astor's: Our first stop was Jack Astor's for the Beauty and the Beast: beef and risotto topped with onion rings. This won most creative in my books because I can't say I've seen any chef come up with combining onion rings and risotto - a surprisingly tasty combination. The signature drink was a bacon caesar. Not being a huge fan of caesars I can't really weigh-in but I can say they did not skimp on the bacon which was encrusted with chocolate.

Jack Astor's signature dish The Beauty and the Beast

The Sunday Caesar at Jack Astor's

Milestone's: Our second stop was the highlight of the day at Milestone's. Chef Arden served us personally with piping hot Winter Marinated Sirloin, Mexican Hot Toddy and a Pomegranate Martini. The accents to the sirloin was what made this dish really shine - every ingredient was perfectly cooked and the flavours all complemented each other wonderfully. The crispy sweet potatoes, the butternut puree, and perfectly cooked green beens all came together to support the sirloin. 

Winter Marinated Sirloin at Milestone's

The Mexican Hot Toddy at Milestone's

Windmill's: Our next stop was Windmill's for a lychee martini and sauteed chorizo and mushroom escargot. I loved the lychee martini - it was light and refreshing. It's not too often that a fruity drink can be subtle and not overly sweet but this hit the nail on the head. 
The Soho Lychee Martini at Windmill's

Geneva Crepe Cafe: Our next stop was a dish I was looking forward to - the Bombay Crepe. This savoury crepe is on Geneva's regular menu and is a great mix of spicy and sweet flavours wrapped in a made-to-order crepe. At this point in the day I was really quite full and the crepe was not on the light side. The signature drink was the Bacon Chocoholic - a hot chocolate topped with bacon. The drink was a little on the sweet side for my taste but the rest of the taste-testers must have liked it as it won the drinks category! 
The winner of the best signature drink - the Bacon Chocoholic

The Bombay Crepe at Geneva Crepe Cafe

The Grizzly Grill: Our final stop was Maple Glazed Lamb Chops at the Grizz. The lamb was served with a medley of wild rice and butternut squash. I enjoyed the signature drink - the Tawny Apple  - it paired quite well with the lamb and was a great winter drink. 

The Tawny Apple at the Grizzly Grill

The Maple Glazed Lamb Chops at the Grizzly Grill

The Tawny Apple at the Grizzly Grill

Since I arrived a little late so I had to skip Sipp's but I spied other attendees with a full-sized piece of carrot cream cheese cake! A lot of people were so stuffed by the time they got to Sipp's they had to take their cake to go! I have to say next time I'll be arriving a lot earlier!

Overall the Battledish was a lot more fun, and filling, than I expected! Something about being able to be able to cast a vote gave a fresh aspect to the dining experience - it was fun playing culinary judge for the day! Next time I will definitely be showing up much earlier so I don't have to rush through the tastings - you can definitely stretch this into lunch and dinner as the portions were pretty generous. Next year I would love to see a vegetarian category as many of the dishes were very heavy on the meat.

Finally congratulations to Chef Arden at Milestone's for winning Most Modern Dish at the International Battledish 2014 - you deserve it!